A Poem Presentation on the Aga Khan Museum, in Sign Language: By non-verbal, hearing-impaired Mureed of the Imam


Humble nazrana on the auspicious occasion of Hazar Imam’s 79th birthday!

…dedicated to all the non-verbal, hearing impaired brothers and sisters of Ismaili jamat around the world!

Inspired by Ikhwan Allani’s poem (originally posted at Simerg.com), few mureeds from Chicago got together and recorded a presentation of the poem in a sign language.

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan. Sanna Ali has been non-verbal/hearing-impaired since birth. She is from Glenview (Chicago) Illinois. Anar Rehmani is her sister who has rendered this poem in her voice. Idea conceptualized and executed by Irfan Ali. Irfan is a systems engineer by profession and a RE volunteer. Video recording by Mansoor Dadwani.

Click here to Watch on YouTube in HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3MExE7c-eo

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